Both my parents died at a young age after working for almost their entire life. They were, I believe, hoping to enjoy their life “once” they are retired and see their children becoming happy and successful adults.

It often makes me sad to think that how much they could have experienced, how many places they could have visited and how much more they could have enjoyed their life. Simply, it didn’t work that way.

I suppose, this did teach me to focus on accumulating experiences rather than wealth at an early age but only a couple of years ago I genuinely felt the urge to act on it. Also probably had the opportunity to do so.

Around 5.5 years ago I was getting married to Tim, surrounded by friends and family. Today, we are about to leave the UK for a year-long travel.

We are lucky enough (and we know that) to be able to leave our jobs and set off to experience the world, together.

Our itinerary can be seen here .

(Photo is mine)

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