First lap

After a couple of weeks of hectic packing, I have left Manchester this morning to fly to Tenerife.

I had mixed feelings about the trip, probably fuelled further by the tiredness and lack of sleep.

I suppose, choosing Tenerife was a bit out of ordinary – it is not really a “backpacker’ destination and it is not anywhere near to our actual route. I was initially planning to travel from Manchester to Vienna by train and then take a flight to Turkey from Vienna. Having thought further, I decided, I didn’t want to brace the cold, rain and wind that would likely to be the case in January.Then I have realised that I haven’t had a proper summer time for a long time (thank you Manchester!) and decided , a bit of “winter sun” wouldn’t hurt. Out of available options, Tenerife was the best one due to accessibility from Manchester, prices etc.

I’m staying in a studio flat that I rented through AirBnB and it is excellent. I mainly chose this place due to view from the balcony and I’m glad I did it. As I’m by myself, the flat is more than enough for me.It is well-equipped and I usually prefer self-catering so it is perfect to cook and eat in whenever I feel like it.

I’m going to have an early night as I only slept 3 hours last night and also the night before!

The picture is taken today, from the balcony of the studio. Weather is 24 degrees and it feels good.





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