A Walk Around Santa Cruz

It was my first full day in Tenerife yesterday and I had a very long walk (around 10 km) around Santa Cruz and enjoyed the nice weather while discovering the town.

Tenerife was invaded by the Spanish about 500 years ago and it is the largest of the seven Canary Islands. It is a popular tourist destination, especially South of Tenerife and usually associated with resorts, sandy beaches and British tourists!

It is home to the tallest peak of Spain, Teide as well as Teide National Park which was named as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2007. Both are widely visited attractions. I’m hoping to visit the National Park on Monday and write a bit more about it.

Santa Cruz is not very busy – at least at the moment and there are no resorts or other touristic activities where I stay, so it is good for getting a glimpse into the local life. This is, usually, my favorite activity when travelling. I like seeing how other people live.

There is a good bus network in the island but you will be better off if you rent a car as many hiking routes and parks are remotely located. I don’t drive so this is a setback but there are still things to do and see for the likes of me!

The island is currently having an unusually hot winter and it is around 24-25 degrees during the day. At night, it cools down a bit but still very warm.

This would give you a rough idea about the route I took when walking.

There are some nice cafe and bars where you can enjoy a pint of Dorada lager and some locally sourced fish. Most places have free Wi-Fi as well, for those cheeky check-ins 😉




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