Singapore has been always synonymous with business, expats, cleanliness and shopping in minds and not without a reason.We did enjoy our time in Singapore. Despite its’ fame for being expensive, you will find plenty of free things to do in Singapore.

It is the most expensive country to visit in South East Asia but visiting it doesn’t have to break the bank. Singapore Botanical Gardens is one of them. Just grab some snacks and drinks to have a picnic when you are there. Some days, you can catch some live music too.

Alternatively, you can hop on a subway and stroll around Little India or Chinatown. May be you only have limited time and will be in around the bay area so you can visit Gardens by The Bay .Gardens transform into something magical at night. If you are lucky, you might even catch a festival. There is something for everyone throughout the year.

On top of these, it is clean, safe and secure and you can drop your guards a bit and enjoy this multicultural place which has re-invented itself after its’ colonial past.


Gardens by the Bay
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The Bay Area


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