Wellington, New Zealand

They call it the coolest city in the world and they have a point.

Located at the bottom of the North Island of New Zealand, Wellington, the official capital of the country, is a beautiful city.

It offers visitors scenery, good food, craft beer and plenty of outdoor activities. Home to world-famous Weta studios, it is apparently possible to spot Peter Jackson sipping his favourite beer in one of the many pubs around the city.

It is also a good spot for the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit fans as you can visit plenty of filming locations from Wellington. 

Mount Victoria, home of “get off the road” scene is pretty much in the middle of the city. Weta studios are open to visitors for a hefty entry fee and their souvenirs section was somewhat disappointing but still amazing to see how much film industry thrives here.

Glorious, sunny winter days sometimes are spoilt by the strong wind. It is also called the windy city and that too is understandable. 

Thoroughly enjoyed our time in Wellington and somewhat sad it is so far away so that it is pretty much out of the question to go back anytime soon.


one of the many pubs


war memorial



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